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Cultural Studies
Cultural studies is an interdisciplinary project which attempts to delineate how realms of "culture" are produced in relation to those of "politics" and "economy" through operations of power. Popular music, television, memorials, romance novels, and comics are among the topics covered in cultural studies. You can also inquire into feminism, queer studies, and other social movements.
While the topics it covers are diverse, they are not randomly chosen under the banner of "culture": indeed, cultural studies challenges you to critically reconceptualize the notion of "culture." You are expected to interrogate how taken-for-granted notions, such as national culture and "western vs. non-western cultures," are produced through power struggles and negotiations. Moreover, cultural studies asks you to reflect critically on how you are located in relation to the production of hegemonic and institutional knowledge, which often (re)produces racism, imperialism, and heterosexism.
Those interested in cultural studies can take seminars offered by the following affiliated faculty members: Akashi Sugiyama and Akiko Naono from sociology, Yoshinobu Ota and Yoshiaki Furuya from anthropology, Masahiko Kaburagi from philosophy, and Tsuyoshi Namigata and Tsunehiko Matsumoto from literature.
The program is consisted of two parts:
1)You learn the basic concepts and theoretical approaches of cultural studies by taking individual seminars offered by affiliated faculty. Areas covered include Marxism, structuralism, poststructuralism, Frankfurt School, feminist theories, and postcolonial theories.
2)You "practice" cultural studies through your own research project for master窶冱 thesis and dissertation.
Yoshiaki Furuya
Tunehiko Matsumoto
Yoshinobu Ota
Akashi Sugiyama
Masahiko Kaburagi
Tsuyoshi Namigata
Akiko Naono