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 What is History What is Historical Japan?  
History is a discipline that studies human society, and the changes that occur in the relationship between society and the individual. However, there has been a fresh way of understanding the paradigm of the nature of these changes. In other words, are these changes pushing mankind towards progress? And so, why do these changes occur? It is important for historians to discover the reason behind them.

Comparing to other studies in the humanities, study of Japanese history has been considered as a subject which should be researched within a certain (or fixed) framework. However, this framework of our concept of history has become unsteady. History cannot be studied by following given criteria (or standards), but by finding one窶冱 own objective way of understanding history.

By taking this into consideration, we are proud to say that we have created a different research methodology on this subject.
1.Reading and understanding the terminology and wording of the documents accurately.
2.Understanding the reasoning and philosophy behind the documents.
3.Understanding the substance of the documents.
4.Analyzing and extrapolating the reasoning and content of the documents in order to achieve a deeper understanding of the subject.
5.Doing fieldwork.
Hitoshi Nakano
Nobuharu Takano
Masahiko Yoshida