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 About research and educational programs in the SCS   
  The Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies is widely divided into different academic fields such as science, agriculture, letters, laws, economics etc. However, this does not mean that education and research guidance is available for each and every research thesis topic. To be honest, the guidance from supervisors can be limited.
  The SCS expects students to be clear in their thesis, and deepen their research areas not only within their discipline but beyond so that they will be able to gain a larger variety of sources and incorporate them into their research. Of course students are required to study a specific discipline as a fundamental skill, but they shouldn’t be complacent in researching only their field.
  As internationalization progresses, the rapid changes of society and culture are changing the ways in which academic research issues and problems themselves come about as well. Because of these changes the SCS is aware that we must change the ways in which academic learning takes place. We believe that students will bring out possibilities for new styles of research with their unlimited and flexible efforts. This is why we are seeking students who are positive, unconventional, passionate, and enthusiastic about their research.
  The SCS has established a system of group advising called  the Supervising Group . Having this system, we are able to allow students to choose more than one faculty member as their research instructor. In doing so, students are able to learn from different perspectives and take multifaceted approaches in order to deepen their research.
  This explanation might be too abstract to view specifically what kind of thesis would be applicable and what type of teaching projects are available through the SCS. Therefore, in this section, we will introduce our faculty members and the programs offered now, and courses planned for offering in cooperation with several faculty members. Some of the programs are new types of thesis and research fields, which were not previously considered research fields in traditional university settings. Some of the programs are also at the forefront of their respective specialized fields.
  The programs showed in this section are just one example; it is possible for students to create their own program based on their thesis. We hope that students create new arrangements of faculty members, which no one has ever thought of before. Moreover, we hope to further promote those new issues with an interdisciplinary approach.
  On the other hand, since the SCS has many experts at the forefront of their field, some students may already know who they want to learn from and work with. Our point is that we want students to think deeply and research diligently so they fully understand what topic they want to research before they start to study at Kyushu University. This way they will know if Kyushu University is the right place to do their thesis.
  Further information about each faculty members and their thesis is available at
Admission Policy
  The Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies (the SCS) aims to train students who wish to enroll in programs with interdisciplinary and international approaches. Therefore, we will admit international students as well as adult students until the enrollment limit is met. The Master’s entrance exam requires applicants to have obtained general academic abilities. We are also implementing a  selective entrance exam, which is based on students  motivations and outstanding abilities related to their research.