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 What is SCS?

 We, the Kyushu University Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies (nicknamed “SCS”), aim to make education "interdisciplinary, internationalized, and integrated.”

1. Interdisciplinary

 Academics have long aimed to specialize. Work in a narrowly focused theme can be cutting edge, but it can also cut one off from connections with the wider world. One can become blindly complacent, almost as if one is living by oneself at the bottom of a well. On March 11, 2011, the day of the the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami disaster, and subsequent destruction of nuclear plants in Fukushima, we saw the ultimate failing of “cutting edge research and technology.” The scientific community said that the nuclear plant system in Japan would be safe even after an earthquake and tsunami, and most of citizenry believed this scientific myth. But unfortunately the nuclear plants were severely damaged. Now we as academics are forced to reimagine how we can connect to the wider world.

2. Internationalized

 Our studies are not just for ourselves. We desire academics that are open to and communicate with the world.

3. Integrated

 We can escape narrow specialization, and through integrated academics we can gain new perspectives, and dedicate our work to mankind. We aim for studies that will have real power.

 Of course in each field there are established methods and theories of study, and one first needs to learn those. But we can aim even higher. The probability of new discoveries increases as we widen our view, and looking at a problem through multiple angles. Of this we are confident. By learning a variety of disciplines, one can realize their goals and potential.

 Taking as our founding motto, “Border-crossing culture, harmonious world,” SCS was formed in 1994, on the former Ropponmatsu Campus, as Kyushu University’s second independent graduate school. In 2009 we moved to the new Ito Campus, and in 2010 we created the International Program.

 An independent graduate school is not connected to any given undergraduate department. Therefore, compared to other graduate schools at Kyushu University and other universities, our graduate student body is not dominated by a given group of former undergraduates. Instead, they come from a variety of places and backgrounds. Many come from other Japanese universities, and there are many students from abroad.

 As of 2011 ,there are 78 faculty members. They range over a wide variety of fields, throughout the field of arts and sciences. There are three foreign professors, and we have created an international program in which seminars are taught in English. Therefore both the graduate students and the faculty are diverse and have a deep international outlook. We enjoy an atmosphere in which interdisciplinary, internationalized, and integrated academics are easily achieved.

 Four thousand graduate students graduate students have studied in SCS over the last seventeen years. They are our greatest asset. In both Japan and abroad many of your forerunners are active members of society.

 You young people should strive for study that will open new fields, will be of true worth to society, and will bring happiness to mankind. You are the ones who will open our future.

Furuya Yoshiaki, Dean of the Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies