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"Study on the evolution of the earth"
The basic of our works is field geology focused on various materials of the earth. Archean rocks to the present sediments have been analyzed to realize the evolvement of the earth. Whole earth from equatorial jangle to the freezing polar regions are now our target area to obtain 窶廛iscovery", the most important driving force for science, using various methods such as geology, petrology, geochemistry and geophysics.

The research interests in our group are as follows:
1. Formation and growth of Asian continental crust
2. Formation and dispersion of the Gondwana and Rodinia super continents
3. Synthetic studies of Japanese metamorphic belts
4. Detailed analyses of extreme metamorphism in the world
5. Quaternary volcanic activities in East Asia
6. Magma activities related to subduction zone in the Mediterranean Sea
7. Geophysical studies of volcanic regions in the Atlantic Ocean
8. Earthquake swarms off the east coast of the Izu Peninsula
9. Formation of primitive continental crust from Magma Ocean
10. Synthetic studies of Antarctic geosciences

We greatly hope you will join in our field geology group. Let's enjoy learning the evolution of the earth from various views of earth science.
Itsuro Kita
Yasuhito Osanai
Masao Ohno
Nobuhiko Nakano