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Geophysics and geochemistry
The research subjects of our group are various phenomena of the Earth from the ancient to the present.
Climatic changes in geological time scale is one of our main research subjects. Paleomagnetic and rock-magnetic measurements of sediment core samples drilled from ocean bottom are carried out to investigate the environmental change as well as to determine the age of the sediment by magnetostratigraphy. Environmental changes are investigated by analyzing geochemical components and their isotopic ratios of these samples. We are also interested in paleomagnetic study of the temporal variation in the Earth's magnetic field and its mechanism.
In the volcanic field, we are engaged in the study of the activity of volcanoes by geochemical analysis of geothermal liquid and by electro-magnetic survey.
We are also carrying out research to clarify the material in the deep crust and mantle by analyzing rock and minerals.
The members are Masao Ohno, Itsuro Kita, Yasuhito Osanai, Nobuhiko Nakano, and Yoshifumi Nogi.
Masao Ohno
Itsuro Kita
Yasuhito Osanai
Nobuhiko Nakano
Yoshifumi Nogi