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Manga Studies
Manga, or Japanese style comic, is becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world today; its popularity rivals only with that of anime, or Japanese animation films. But even in Japan, manga had long been considered to be nothing more than vulgar mass culture, far from being an object of serious academic studies. It is only for a decade or so that the cultural and social value and impact of manga have been generally recognized.
We, the manga research group at SCS, Kyushu University, consisting of researchers with different backgrounds, have made efforts for several years now to find various and original perspectives to approach the essence and social implications of manga We look forward to share our interest and passion for manga with a lot of ambitious students.
Our group includes:

AO, Yasuyoshi (French Literature)
AO is trying to construct a comprehensive study of manga and B.D., the French style comic. France, which had a movement of B.D. before the diffusion of Japanese anime and manga, is one of the countries where Japanese anime and manga have gained high popularity.

MATSUMURA, Yoshiko (Contrastive Linguistics, Sociolinguistics)
MATSUMURA strives to clarify the gender differences in language use form the viewpoint of sociolinguistics through the analysis of the works of manga.

CHINAMI, Kyoko (Japanese Linguistics, Pedagogy of Japanese)
CHINAMI utilizes the works of story-manga, which abounds in contemporary, realistic speech samples, to contrive a new pedagogy and teaching materials to present the pragmatic aspect of the Japanese language.

SUGIYAMA, Akashi (Sociology, Cultural Studies)
SUGIYAMA has conducted quantitative and qualitative researches about Comike and fan cultures for several times. 窶呂omic Market', aka 窶呂omike', the biggest fan convention in Japan, is held twice a year in Tokyo for two or three days each time. Approximately one hundred fifty thousand participants come to Comike a day to sell and buy fanzines and private publications. Comike is an obvious demonstration of the productivity of modern fan culture.
Yasuyoshi Ao
Yoshiko Matsumura
Akashi Sugiyama
Kyoko Chinami