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Research group and educational courses in human geography
1. Educational courses in Human geography
All the educational courses in human geography are organised for those who aspire to professionals in higher educational and research institutes in the domain of human geography. Teaching Certificates for high school (in Geography and History, and Civics) are also obtainable, if graduate students take needed courses and credits. Educational courses in human geography include GIS education. The graduates, who specialised in human geography and/or social development in the Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies, have got positions in universities, international organisations, research institutes, local governments and other organizations not only in Japan but all over the world.

2. Research and educational staffs
Two associate professors, Yamashita (urban geography and urban policy) and Sato (cultural geography and human-environment relationship) have taken care of graduate students and given advice on their studies in both master and doctoral programmes. In October 2007, a new associate professor, who is an expert in industrial and economic geographies in China, is due to give his lecture on regional industrial policy and planning.

3. Collaboration with other institutes
Since April 2006, teachers in human geography in the Gradate Schools of Social and Cultural Studies, and Humanities have had responsibility for human geography in the general education of Kyushu University. These teachers in the two graduate schools also started a common seminar from April 2007.
Ren'ya Sato
Jun Yamashita