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Cultural anthropology
Full-time Faculty:
Yoshinobu Ota (PhD U Michigan-Ann Arbor 1987; Professor) History of Anthropology, theories of representation, indigenous peoples, popular/public culture; Guatemala, Okinawa, Hawaii.
Yoshiaki Furuya (PhD U Tokyo 1992; Professor) Anthropological theories, art/artifact, material culture, spirit-possession, Amazonian society, Brazil, Latin-American modernity and modernism.

Although anthropology is commonly understood as fieldwork-based science, it is also philosophical, historical, above all, reflexive in its foundation. Anthropology curriculum at the Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies (GSSCS) reflects this vision of the discipline; therefore, it aims to be both historical and theoretical through individualized seminars taught by each instructor. In addition to a year-long reading course on classic ethnographies, a pro-seminar team-taught by both instructors, each instructor offers weekly seminar with various topics, which recently include as follows: Anthropology and the Thirties in American Society (Ota); On Political Identity (Ota); Anthropological Perspectives on Art Making (Furuya); Life and Death Reconsidered (Furuya). A “method course is also given by a sociologist at GSSCS.Students are strongly encouraged to build their own inter-disciplinary research by actively participating in seminars in disciples other than anthropology.
Yoshiaki Furuya
Yoshinobu Ota