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Interdisciplinary Atmosphere
The study of Politics is never a narrow, closed discipline regulated by a single methodology. There are multiple methodologies and approaches. This diversity contributes to the understanding of public issues and the proposing of new principles and policies.
A feature of the Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies is a readiness to embrace different approaches and topics. Our graduate school provides an appropriate intellectual environment for the study of politics as a complex discipline. The academic staff belonging to the research group of politics have been committed to the development of this interdisciplinary atmosphere.
Academic Staff Specializing in Politics and 窶廱oint Supervising System
The members of academic staff specializing in politics are the following: Nobuo Okawara (political theory), Yasuhisa Shimizu (Japanese political thought), Masahiko Kaburagi (European political thought), Seiki Okazaki (political theory), Teruhisa Se (political theory), Kazuo Takada (international relations), and Yasuhiro Matsui (international relations). Students can engage in research within and across various fields of politics: political theory, political thought, Japanese politics, area studies, and international relations.
The graduate school has a system of 窶徊oint supervising. Each student can choose members of the academic staff and organize a team of supervisors, which is usually composed of 3 or 4 professors or associate professors. In organizing supervisors, it is possible to choose all of them from the scholars belonging to the politics research group. However, it is also encouraged to add to a supervising body a member of staff of the graduate school who specializes in other fields such as history, sociology, literature, anthropology, etc.
Yasuhiro Matsui
Nobuo Okawara
Yasuhisa Shimizu
Kazuo Takada
Masahiko Kaburagi
Seiki Okazaki
Teruhisa Se