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At SCS, students interested in sociology are expected to take seminars offered by four sociology faculty members along with a two-year-long course in sociological theories. Areas of faculty expertise differ in their theoretical and methodological approaches as well as research subjects The difference, together with various linkages between them, makes this program multi-faced and flexible.

Professor Hitoshi Yoshioka, who specializes in sociology of science and technology, is interested in policy making and institutional problems concerning nuclear energy. His recent study includes medical technology. Associate Professor Akiko Naono, whose research centers around memories of the atomic bombing, teaches cultural studies and feminist theories. Culture, specifically mass media and sub-culture, is the research subject of Associate Professor Akashi Sugiyama. He teaches critical sociology, which covers conflict theory, cultural reproduction theory, identity theory, and phenomenological sociology. On the other hand, Professor Kazuo Misumi covers orthodox sociology on group formation and differentiation, by applying mathematical sociology and quantitative methodologies.

Through our program, we hope, students will learn multiple sociological perspectives and master both quantitative and qualitative methodologies in order to effectively approach various complex problems in modern society.
Kazuto Misumi
Akashi Sugiyama
Hitoshi Yoshioka
Akiko Naono