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The Graduate School of Social and Cultural Studies, Kyushu University (SCS), created in 1993, offers wider research opportunities to graduate students.
The SCS encourages interdisciplinary research. Graduate students study contemprorary issues, cultural, social and environmental dimensions of transnational world.

The SCS promotes following four ideas:

1) Co-existence with Other Cultures
Communities are now globalizing. Globalization spells the end of inter-national politics, based on autonomous nation-states. Globalization is a multi-dimensional process.
The large-scale movement of people, money and information associated with globalization also causes social and environmental problems, however. Increasing movement accelerates social conflict and cultural homogenization.
Three cheers for cultural diversity! Thanks to an interactive approach to cultural relations, the SCS can communicate with different cultural traditions through a productive and democratic dialogue, enabling us to learn more about other cultures, as well as about ourselves.
2) Interdisciplinary Approaches
The SCS places emphasis on interdisciplinarity. Each division opens lectures and seminars covering many disciplines: Humanities, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences, because we believe that each field study requires a wide range of principles and view-points from which to explore world-wide events and possibilities. We cannot solve difficult social problems by working through only one specific academic discipline.
3) World Citizenship
World citizens today must possess critical knowledge, and also accept culturally different people. World citizens must be able to process large amounts of information efficiently. Moreover, they must be able to send their own information out to the world.
4) Academic Space Open to the Public
The SCS aims to provide professional training for the students determined to pursue a career in academic research. But it also accepts as students those who have previous working experience in a variety of fields and have the intention of improving themselves though academic research. Determined to follow the policy of diversification, the SCS welcomes anyone who aims at a higher academic goal, regardless of age, sex, cultural and linguistic background, or nationality.